VKS Sharanya Welfare society is a humble initiative of Mrs Veena Prakash Singh and Kartik Singh, both from a very simple ordinary family who always cherished a better dream, not only for themselves but for the immediate surroundings, who dream to share happiness around and give to others whatever best they can in their reach.

With a team of young like-minded association, they formed VKS Sharanya Welfare Society, registered under Govt of Andhra Pradesh societies act on 28th August 2012.

The contribution made by individuals is in terms of quality time, specialized skills, fiscal support, etc. This entails varied shades and actions ranging from the well-being of the neighbours, the community and the society at large.

The prime purpose of the organisation is to render support with the help of Individuals/Corporate/Govt Funding agencies to reach out to the needy.

We operate in the following areas :

  • For Children , In education Sectors
  • Skill Development for Rural and Semi Urban Youth
  • Employability trainings,
  • Health awareness Programmes,
  • Arranging Blood Donation camps
  • Financial Literacy projects for various banks like NABARD, World Bank and IFC projects.
  • Organising donations at Orphanages and Old age Homes.
  • Organising cultural events during Christmas in orphanages. and Old age homes
  • Making films to educate rural citizens through awareness programmes.

It has been recognised as an NGO providing Financial Literacy activities across India, forming SHG groups in West Bengal and Rajasthan, and in helping in creating a platform for promoting handicrafts made by SHG.

VKS Sharanya Welfare Society has eventually grown to extend its support to local NGOs in formation of SHG groups in Sirohi District of Rajasthan. We have also been associated with Action Aid Project in Baseline survey of Young Urban Women in Maharashtra and worked in association with Asna Trust.

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